March 20, 2011

Nepotistic topless Fringe star Anna Torv

Anna Torv topless
Photo: Esquire Magazine

Anna Torv, a Scottish-born Estonian from The Land of Oz, is actively keeping the X-Files nostalgia crowd hot and bothered on Fox's Vancouver-filmed Fringe TV drama.

While it is clearly the acting abilities of The Latter Day Scully which has raised her to the top tier of cable television B-programming, newbie talent have nevertheless been scratching their heads as to the secret of career advancement.

As everyone with a primo job in Vancouver knows, it's not who you know, it's who you're the niece of that matters.

In Anna's case, her Auntie is the wife of media Billionaire Rupert Murdoch. Mr. Murdoch owns the Fox Television Network which puts shows like The Simpsons and Fringe on the air.

This truth timbit should motivate starving actors with Diplomas from the William Davis Centre to redouble their effort or face a lifetime of serving Grande Latte.

When not playing roles from scripts ripped-off from a Star Trek movie or getting topless for Esquire Magazine she is busy as of late keeping marriage options open.

This could play into the horny schemes of Fringe Alumni Eric the Actor (Eric the Midget) of The Howard Stern Show notoriety.  Eric celebrated his 36th birthday this month and plowing half the stalls at The Bunny Ranch can leave a man thirsty for some Pseudo-Aussie tail.

Stay tuned to the next season of Fox's Fringe for potential club-footed bun-in-the-oven plot development.

Eric The Actor
"When you get here you'll do it!"
Photo: JFSC.TV